Member Stories

A Voice For My Business

“One of the main reasons I joined the Chamber is because they have a voice on behalf of our company. There is tremendous value right there.” In 2012, Austin Kim was expanding his business with the construction of a...

Chamber For Organizations

It didn't take very long for Stuart Ballantyne to recognize the value of having a membership to the Prince George Chamber of Commerce. It was announced in August of 2011 that Ballantyne would be the CEO of the 2015 Ca...

Because My Network Matters

Ben and Rusella Klassen are no strangers to any longtime Prince George residents. When they opened Homesteader Meats back in 1982, the couple became friendly fixtures in the local business community, a characteristic ...

Chamber As My Advocate

As the busy owner of a local Magnet Signs franchise, Denis Barrette wears many hats. He handles the paperwork, does the sign layout, and all the marketing as a one man show. This means he rarely has time to attend net...


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