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Today’s Challenges, Tomorrow’s Talent webinar

The Today’s Challenges – Tomorrow’s Talent webinar was hosted in partnership with University of Northern British Columbia, College of New Caledonia, and Talent Forward on April 22nd, 2021.

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Today's Challenges, Tomorrow's Talent discusses how bringing a post-secondary student into your organization can help you innovate, save costs, and increase capacity while building a stronger, skilled workforce for the future.

Find out how student talent can benefit your business as well as what types of student talent are available through our public post-secondary schools, the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) and the College of New Caledonia (CNC).

By participating in the Today’s Challenges – Tomorrow’s Talent webinar you will:
  • Learn about the variety of student talent programs being offered at UNBC and CNC such as co-op, apprenticeship, practicums, and projects
  • Hear how Prince George businesses have used student talent to help their organizations recover and grow
  • Understand your next steps for recruiting the right student for your business
  • Gain knowledge on where to find information on funding incentives and subsidies offered for hiring student talent.

This webinar is presented by Talent Forward. For more information on how to access student talent in BC, check out Talent Forward, a partnership program between the BC Chamber of Commerce and ACE-WIL.

Thank you for watching the Today’s Challenges – Tomorrow’s Talent webinar! Below are some resources mentioned in the session.

ITA Employer Resources:
Tax Credits for Employers:
Talent Forward:

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